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Let the Right One In

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Overview… a quiet and meek boy existing at the bottom of the social hierarchy. He’s the constant target of bullies and has no real friends. Withdrawn and depressed, he fantasizes about getting violent revenge on his tormentors but doesn’t have the courage. That all begins to change when he befriends his new mysterious neighbor, Eli, a vampire who encourages him to stand up for himself.

Personality... quiet, meek, awkward, and trusting. Oskar is a morbid boy fixated on death, evidenced by his collection of newspaper clippings and magazine articles about grisly murders. While he harbors violent impulses, they seem to have been born out of his constant mistreatment, and not from a deficit of empathy. He is sweet and protective of the people who are kind to him– although that's a disappointingly small population.

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