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Living… in a silver trashcan. Perched between 123 Sesame Street and Big Bird’s Nest, Oscar sees plenty of the Sesame Street regulars, even though he doesn’t really want to.

Profession… collector. Oscar takes trash very seriously, hoarding all sorts of grimy trinkets ranging from torn up shoes to old telephone wires. Most people don’t understand his profession and lifestyle, but to Oscar, trash is the most exciting thing around. He’s even penned a signature song, in which he claims to love “anything dirty or dingy or dusty, anything ragged or rotten or rusty.”

Interests… being left alone. Anytime you see Oscar, he was probably just interrupted by a loud noise outside his can. He likes to take naps and disorganize his trash heap, and doesn’t appreciate anyone disturbing these activities. Getting visits from the other folks living on Sesame Street doesn’t make his day either, though Elmo still claims that they’re good friends. In fact, Oscar's so grouchy that the only creature he sees on a daily basis is his beloved pet worm, Slimey.

Relationship Status… dating, surprisingly. Oscar has a girlfriend named Grundgetta, who is also a grouch. Since grouches don’t like to be bothered, the two have a fairly distant relationship, with Grundgetta only very briefly visiting Oscar from time to time. They have their troubles, seeing as they’re both grumpy by default, but for some reason, they're still together.

Challenge… keeping to himself. With so much activity on Sesame Street, Oscar often finds himself roped into conversations and games with people he doesn’t want to see. Oscar tries to be extra grouchy in order to dissuade people from takling to him, but it usually has the opposite effect.

Personality… thick-skinned and stubborn. Oscar keeps up the appearance of being annoyed by everyone, but he secretly appreciates Sesame Street's quirky community. While outwardly standoffish and antisocial, Oscar can be very kind when it counts, digging through his trash heap and beyond to help find lost items … and friends.

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