Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez

    The Office
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Scranton, Pa., with his partner Gil. For a long time, his co-workers thought Gil was his roommate. Even when Oscar came out, Oscar’s boss Michael Scott couldn’t put two and two together, wondering aloud if his “roommate” Gil knew that Oscar was gay.

Profession… accountant at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. He considers himself a part of the office’s “Coalition for Reason,” along with Jim and Pam. When things go too far off the rails, Oscar is usually the one to restore sanity and logic.  This often frustrates Michael, as Oscar demands clarity and the big picture while Michael typically has little access to either.

Interests… ice skating and yoga. There are also suggestions that Oscar has an interest in politics, with off-hand comments and his Uncle Sam Halloween costumes suggesting he may be a Log Cabin Republican.

Relationship Status… happily taken by Gil. Oscar was hesitant to come out to his co-workers, but once Michael called him “faggy,” he figured it was time to say something. Still, he didn’t think Michael would tell the whole office, and was initially mortified by the revelation. Now it’s come as a great relief, and Gil can finally join Oscar at office gatherings.

Challenge… not letting the blunter aspects of his personality get in the way of his personal relationships. Oscar can be too smart for his own good, at times condescending to others without even realizing it. Jim has even nicknamed him “Mr. Actually,” after his tendency to correct people. His intellect could use some humility.

Personality… pleasant but distant, and a bit of a know-it-all. In meetings, Oscar is inquisitive and critical, not taking Michael at his word and demanding more information. In conversation, he’s usually either friendly or pedantic. Like his co-worker Stanley, he’s generally uninterested in close relationships with his co-workers.


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