Oscar Jarjayes

Oscar Jarjayes

    Rose of Versailles

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a boy. After four daughters and no sons, Oscar’s father General Jarjayes decides that not even biological sex would stop him from having a son. Oscar and everyone else around her know she's technically female, but Oscar's upbringing means she tends to be treated as a man instead of a woman.

Living... in a France on the brink of upheaval. Poverty racks the streets of France, the peasants are grossly overtaxed, and the nobles are indifferent to anything other than their dresses and parties. And to make things worse, Princess Marie Antoinette has just arrived in Paris...

Profession... Commander of the French Royal Guard. At first, Oscar scorns the job, stating that she doesn't want to "babysit a girl," but she's soon won over by Marie Antoinette's kindness and innocence. The rest of France, however, is still in the process of warming up to their new princess, and there are more than a few people would rather see the monarchy done away with altogether. From nobles to revolutionaries, Oscar has her hands full trying to keep France's future queen safe.

Interests... fencing, horseback riding, and defying gender stereotypes. Raised as a boy, most of Oscar's hobbies are decidedly masculine, but that doesn't mean she's not well-versed in the finer arts of being an aristocrat.

Relationship Status... single. Although Oscar has plenty of admirers, both male and female, she doesn't seem particular interested in any of them. Childhood friend André Grandier might be an exception, but so might dashing Swedish aristocrat Fersen.

Challenge... protecting Marie Antoinette. Oscar might be a skilled swordswoman, but the challenges she's facing require more than just military skill. Court intrigue and angry peasants threaten France's safety, and Marie Antoinette's poor personal choices only are no help to a France that's already falling apart. Of all the aristocrats in France, Oscar is probably one of the few with the personal nobility to match her title. Despite her devotion to the Royal family, Oscar is equally sensitive to the suffering of France's poor. In the same breath that she can lament that France's "people were this poor and suffering from high taxes," Oscar expresses concern that "the people's hearts are already turned against the Royal Couple." 

Personality... loyal, brave, and kind. Combine Oscar’s beauty with her bravery and regal bearing, and it’s not hard to see why even the Queen of France adores her. She’s kind, dignified, loyal, and a snazzy dresser in both menswear and dresses.


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