Oscar Grant
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Oscar Grant

Fruitvale Station

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Living... in Hayward, Calif., with his girlfriend and kids. He's got a small apartment – too small to have family over. That's why it's good to have Grandma Bonnie so close. Her house is like a second home.

Visiting... San Francisco. He wants to spend more time in the city.  He's tired of missing parties. He's got plans for the night -- gonna meet up with Cato, Jack, Jason and a couple other friends. They'll probably head out to the city, keep it low-key.

Profession... unemployed. He got fired from his job for showing up late and missing a few days. He managed to make it two weeks without telling his girlfriend, Sophina.

Interests... his friends and family. He spends more time with his kids now than anyone else. On weekends they wake up and play Candyland, or go to the park, Toys “R” Us or Chuck E. Cheese's. He's either with them, Sophina or his friend Brandon.

Relationship Status... rocky. His girlfriend Sophina can't believe he didn't tell her he was fired. Now she's wondering what he was up to while he was pretending to go to work. She doesn't take him seriously. He can feel her outgrowing him.

Challenge... improving his life. He's tired of selling weed. He dumped a whole zip because he couldn't stand it anymore. That only made Sophina more angry. He might lose her too, along with their daughter Tatiana. That would be the end of it.

Personality... insightful. He's ready to make a change in his life, to look for something more. When he was growing up, teachers used to love to tell him he could be president one day. He never really believed them. But some days, anything seems possible.

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