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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a Denmark quickly going rotten. Ever since King Hamlet died, nothing's been the same at the palace—especially not for prince Hamlet, the king's son and Ophelia's current suitor. As daughter of the king’s chief counselor Polonius, Ophelia does what she can to help, but Hamlet only seems to grow more and more gloomy with every day.  

Profession… lady. As a well-off young woman in the 16th century, Ophelia's only real job is to find a good husband—a task she seems to have fulfilled quite well, considering her beloved is the current prince of Denmark.

Interests… peace and quiet. Court squabbling and scheming aren't for Ophelia, and she'd rather stay on the sidelines than get caught in everyone's messy politics.

Relationship Status… messy. While Hamlet has already passionately confessed his love for her, Ophelia's brother and father are advising her to take things slowly. It's good advice, of course, and Ophelia readily tells her father, "I shall obey, my lord.” But with both Hamlet and all of Denmark falling apart, inaction may prove to be the worst kind of action.     

Challenge… dealing with Hamlet. His father's death has greatly unsettled him, and Ophelia understands that—it's only natural, after all, to feel grief after the death of a great man like King Hamlet. But the prince has been acting erratic lately, and try as she might, Ophelia can't help but agree with the court's diagnosis: Hamlet, once "the glass of fashion and the mould of form," is going mad.

Personality… quiet, obedient, and sensitive. Ophelia has always been taught to listen to orders, not to give them. But while she may be praised for her eagerness to please others, Ophelia's sweet nature isn't always an asset—and with murder and devious plots running rampant in the royal castle, Ophelia's gentleness may prove to be her doom.   


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