Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in unknown circumstances. Omen is an entity shrouded in mystery.

Role… controller. Omen utilizes stealth and mind games to keep opponents on their toes at all times. Even as he sneaks in the shadows, his presence is felt on the battlefield. Any enemy tasked with keeping tabs on where Omen is will have their hands full.

Interests… blinding his opponents and teleporting. Like a game of cat and mouse, Omen enjoys toying with his enemies. More than anything he loves having the element of surprise on his side.

Challenge… struggling to overpower his opponents. Unlike others, Omen lacks alternative means of threatening opponents directly other than as a marksman. He tends to rely on tricks and mind games. If enemies were able to see through the smoke and mirrors, Omen can find himself outgunned and uncharacteristically vulnerable.

Personality… cunning, manipulative, and stealthy. Omen has suffered pain, and he is depressed about that. He often tries to drag his opponents down with him, exclaiming things like, "If I must live in this nightmare, my enemies might as well join me.” Omen’s presence on the battlefield never fails to evoke fear and panic, and he embraces his persona as a cruel and efficient tormentor. Given his dark persona, Omen is not exactly considered a very charismatic leader by his teammates. Nonetheless, the unique style of pressure that he applies to the enemy team makes him an asset to his teammates if they are willing to put up with his bizarre presence.


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