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Grew Up… involved in many mystical cults, including a cult involving snake-worshiping. But, she clarifies, “I was never a barbarian.” She married King Philip of Macedonia, and quickly became a behind-the-curtains player in politics.

Living… during a time of great political upheaval. She will stop at nothing to have her son Alexander rise to the throne, even if it means having people close to her killed to ensure Alexander’s ascension. She loves Alexander with a passion that borders on too close for comfort – she’s the kind of mother who smothers and imprints herself on her son’s psyche for the rest of his life.

Profession… Queen of Macedonia. Olympias is not supposed to have political power, but she finds ways to pull strings when she wants something to happen. She has a hard time convincing Philip to take her advice and sometimes must take matters into her own hands.

Interests… snakes, power, her son. She wants Alexander to be the great ruler she never could be, and puts all of her energy into his upbringing.

Relationship Status… married to King Philip. Their relationship is tumultuous, wild, and strained. She is extremely jealous and demanding of his attention.

Challenge… putting Alexander on the throne, by any means necessary. She assures Alexander, “You are everything Philip was not. He was coarse, you are refined.” She believes very strongly in Alexander, and wants to see him rule the entire world.

Personality… emotional and vicious when she wants to be. She is almost like the snakes she worships. At first she is coiled in seeming repose—then suddenly she strikes, injecting her venom directly into the blood stream, slowly poisoning whatever she touches.

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