Oliver Tate

Oliver Tate

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in bleak and rainy Swansea, Wales, with a depressed father and a possibly unfaithful mother. The fact that his parents are not making love as much as they used to is an issue of great concern to Oliver, who believes that they might separate. To make matters worse, his mother’s ex-boyfriend Graham has moved in next door and seems to have rekindled the relationship. Thus, Oliver’s life in his little house is fraught with dread and suspicion.   

Profession… high school student. A frequently bullied high-school student, to be more specific. When you’re 15 and small or weird, you’re bound to get pushed around a bit in the hallways. Oliver is both small and weird, so he gets pushed around a lot.

Interests… daydreaming, light arson, and monitoring the dimmer switch in his parents’ bedroom to ascertain whether or not they have been intimate. Again, Oliver is a bit weird.  

Relationship Status… crushing on Jordana Bevin. According to Oliver, her “only real flaws are her sporadic bouts of eczema. Other than that she has many qualities.” Oliver has admired Jordana for a while now, especially the ways in which she casually bullies other classmates and smokes too many cigarettes. He firmly believes that a relationship with her is likely as she, too, is mildly unpopular.

Challenge… preventing his mother from having an affair with Graham the mystic, and persuading Jordana into a wonderful evening of lovemaking. In addition to enhancing his own love life, Oliver looks to improve his mother’s and father’s as well. He frequently encourages Lloyd Tate to show some gusto and ardor towards his wife. Unfortunately, no persuasive technique that Oliver has deployed thus far has worked, but he’s not going to give up. He doesn’t want to be from a broken home, “wearing tracksuit tops instead of coats and taking gateway drugs in shopping malls.”

Personality… troubled, eccentric, and ridiculously well-spoken. Oliver Tate has the vocabulary of William Shakespeare combined with the angst of a typical 15-year old boy, and then some. His mother’s possible infidelity, his father’s depression, Graham the ninja psychic – almost everything worries Oliver and there doesn’t seem to be anyone he can turn to for help. Maybe Jordana Bevin? Nah, better not. She might burn him with a cigarette. 


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