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Oliver Reader

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About Him

Grew up… as a privileged young lad, destined to work in Westminster, the heart of British government. Ollie’s arrogance is the not unsurprising result of his spoiled and isolated upbringing. An Oxbridge graduate, Ollie often forgets that he’s actually the least experienced special advisor to cabinet minister Hugh Abbot.

Living… to further his own interests. Ollie has little conception of political loyalty; he’ll say whatever he needs to say and do whatever he needs to do in order to rise in the party ranks. He even decides to carry on with a relationship with an advisor to the opposition party in order to mine information from her.

Profession… Special Advisor to Rt. Hon. (Right Honorable) Hugh Abbot MP (Member of Parliament). Most of Ollie’s job involves avoiding his boss, the Director of Communications, Malcolm Tucker. The often-abusive Tucker sees an easy target in the spineless, young Ollie.

Interests… watching his boss, Malcolm, abuse his colleagues. Malcolm’s profane tirades are often funny to Ollie, except when he’s the target of them. “Who wants to go and watch ‘bollockvision’?” he asks, pointing to Malcolm as he engages in one of his shouting matches.

Relationship Status… single, though Ollie often encounters his ex-girlfriend, a journalist named Angela Heaney, around the office. Angela is often called in when the party wants to leak a story to the press.

Challenge… causing fewer mistakes in the department. Ollie eventually wants to make it all the way to Downing Street, the Prime Minster’s office. But he’s not going to make that leap if he keeps letting his arrogance get the best of him. Malcolm Tucker might well crush Ollie’s career almost before it’s really started.

Personality… arrogant and often cruel. Ollie is learning the art of the insult from his boss, Malcolm, but his smugness and pretension make him a natural. He’s prone to hit below the figurative belt in an argument. He once asked a woman he’s seeing, “You know when your mom walked out, you think maybe it wasn’t just about your dad?” He’s the kind of guy that one roots for to get taken down a few pegs.

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