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Olive Snook

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About Her

Grew up… dreaming of riding horses. When she was young, she begged her parents for an Arabian stallion. When they told her no, Olive took matters into her own hands and attempted to dig to Arabia. After successfully getting a stallion in exchange for an ancient dinosaur skeleton she found along the way, Olive became a jockey.

Living… in an apartment above The Pie Hole, where she works. She lives next to Ned, her boss, and just recently became roommates with Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, Ned’s childhood friend.

Profession… waitress at The Pie Hole. After learning that she won a race unfairly, Olive gave up jockeying to serve pies at Ned’s restaurant. Her chipper attitude makes her ideal for the position.

Interests… singing. Whenever Olive gets down, she likes to sing a song to boost her spirits. She’s pretty good at it, too.

Relationship Status… single. But Olive has a huge crush on Ned and constantly flirts with him. However, she has no idea that Ned is afraid of personal contact due to his powers, and remains confused when Ned avoids her. She’s recently become very jealous of the burgeoning relationship between Ned and Chuck.

Challenge… keeping all her secrets. Although Olive has little knowledge of what Ned is really up to when he goes on murder investigations, she has collected an enormous burden of secrets that just keep adding up. She’s starting to crack from the pressure.

Personality… charming, cheerful, and emotional. Olive is a devoted and happy worker, but sometimes lets her emotions guide her. Because of the secrets she holds, she has to remain rather guarded and mysterious around others – more often than not averse to the truth in situations. Though this doesn’t stop her from expressing herself passionately, especially when it comes to her feelings for Ned.

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