Olive Penderghast

Olive Penderghast

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Ojai, California, with her mom, dad and adopted younger brother. Olive’s parents are a bit unconventional, but nonetheless very supportive of her. Perhaps because her family is so close, Olive is content to spend a weekend just hanging out at home, listening to Pocketful of Sunshine on repeat.

Profession… high school student and (supposed) professional harlot. Ever since she lied to her best friend Rhiannon about losing her virginity, Olive has been in a downward spiral of false promiscuity. When she confides the truth to her gay friend Brandon, he convinces her to pretend to sleep with him so he will stop being bullied for his sexuality. Soon other guys want the Brandon treatment and Olive is sliding down the slippery slope.

Interests… antagonizing the cruel, self-righteous Marianne, who is the leader of the school’s conservative church group. Marianne overheard Olive’s “confession” to Rhiannon and has since decided she needs help finding Jesus. Once Olive allegedly starts sleeping with even more guys, Marianne is appalled, even going as far as publicly picketing against Olive in hopes that she will leave school. Her persistent reprimanding of Olive’s behavior doesn’t deter Olive but rather inspires her to flaunt her promiscuity even more, if only to enrage her rival.

Relationship Status… single. Despite the rumors flying around school, Olive is still very much a virgin, and only has eyes for her longtime crush, Woodchuck Todd — so nicknamed because he’s the school mascot. Luckily for her, Todd doesn’t believe all the defamatory talk about her because of a similar favor she did for him in middle school.

Challenge… keeping up the ruse she’s devoted herself to. Olive is embracing her new reputation, and even embroiders a scarlet “A” on her sexy new wardrobe. However, things soon get out of control and Olive starts to wonder if helping these guys is worth the damage it’s doing to her reputation.

Personality… witty, bold, empathetic. Part of what gets Olive in the situation she’s in is her desire to help other people. When unpopular guys seek her help to boost their reputations, Olive can’t seem to say no. She’s intelligent and brazen, always speaking her mind and refusing to be bullied by those who try to slut-shame her. Despite her snarky attitude, Olive is a caring person with good intentions. 


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