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About Him

Grew up... as an average octopus under the sea. But one fateful day Octodad washed onto a fishing boat and met the lovely Scarlet, who somehow didn’t notice his cephalopod nature. They soon married in a traditional, Cthulhu-themed wedding.

Living... as a normal human father. Octodad lives in a typical suburban home with his wife and two children. Nobody suspects a thing.

Profession... stay-at-home dad. Despite putting on a suit every day, Octodad doesn’t seem to have a full-time job. However, this gives him plenty of time to (awkwardly) perform chores around the house and play with his kids.

Interests… maintaining his family. Octodad’s biggest fear is that one day his secret aquatic identity will be exposed and he will be cast back into the sea, separated from his family. So he does his best to maintain the illusion and protect his domestic bliss.

Relationship Status... happily married. They have their ups and down like any married couple, but Octodad and Scarlet are a perfect match and loving parents. Even though she is inexplicably oblivious to the fact that he is an octopus, their relationship is so strong, she probably wouldn’t care if she did know.

Challenge... avoiding Chef Fujimoto. This evil sushi chef finds it unacceptable that an octopus is cavorting around on land pretending to be a person. So he has made it his mission in life to expose Octodad and put him back in his place. And with his sharp blades and hair-trigger temper, he poses a real threat. 

Personality... loving. Although he can only speak in blubs instead of words, through his actions alone it’s obvious how much Octodad loves his family. He’ll put himself in all kinds of potentially sticky situations, like going to the aquarium, to make them happy and keep them together.

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