Obadiah Stane
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Obadiah Stane

Iron Man / The Avengers

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About Him

Overview... former CEO of Stark Industries who is now fighting Tony Stark for control of the company. Fighting, literally. They trade blows in armored suits and everything. Stane steered the Stark ship after Tony’s father Howard passed away. But once Tony came of age, he took over the company and brought it to new heights with his technical know-how and loud personality. Obadiah acted like a friend but he was not happy. At all.

Personality... jealous, conniving, and untrustworthy. Though he outwardly presents himself as a trusted friend and colleague to Tony Stark, behind closed board room doors he’s envious of Tony’s success and manipulative in his attempts to end it. Tony is known for his engineering brilliance, but Stane can almost match him that arena, constructing an Iron Man suit of his own to take him down.

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Obadiah Stane
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