Number Six
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Number Six

Battlestar Galactica

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About Him

Grew Up... unconventionally. Like all Cylons, Number Six was created not born. She’s one of seven humanoid Cylon models that can each be replicated an infinite number of times. 

Living... all over. Versions of Number Six are spread all across the galaxy—some are hidden within society on the Twelve Colonies while others live on Cylon ships. One version of Number Six was sent to Caprica where she seduced scientist Gaius Baltar to gain access to military secrets. With that information she initiated the mass destruction of humanity. As her last act, “Caprica Six” sacrificed herself to shield Gaius from death.

Visiting... Gaius Baltar’s mind.A ruthless version of Number Six, known as “Head Six,” appears only to Gaius Baltar, although it’s unclear whether she’s just a figment of his imagination or something more. She often pushes him towards reckless acts of self-preservation.

Profession... soldier. The Cylons have a plan to destroy humanity and each and every model has a crucial part to play.

Interests... religion and the destruction of the human race. Her fervent devotion to the Cylon’s single God puts her in opposition to humanity’s worship of the multiple Lords of Kobol. She explains, “The end times are approaching. Humanity's final chapters are about to be written.”

Relationship Status... numerous. Each version of Number Six is free to develop her own relationships. But many of them seem to have some sort of powerful connection to the brilliant but selfish scientist Gaius Baltar.

Challenge... forging her own path. The Number Six model is more individualistic and emotional than most Cylons. None of the versions of Number Six like to be seen as expendable. Though they have different perspectives on the Cylon-Human war, each version is passionate about playing a role in it. Head Six, in particular, strives to convince Baltar that he has an important role to play in the plan of the Cylon god.

Personality... cold, calculating, seductive, and statuesque. Though each version of Number Six is slightly different, they all tend to be ruthless and cunning. Number Six frequently uses her beauty and sexuality to manipulate others, but she’s not above getting her hands dirty when she needs to. Passionate and severe, Number Six – in any form – is not a Cylon to be messed with.

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