Nozomu Itoshiki

Nozomu Itoshiki

    Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with possibly the most unfortunate name ever. When written vertically, Nozomu's name has an unlucky number of strokes – and when written horizontally, it translates to "despair."

Living... in despair, as he's wont to point out. Whether he’s upset by societal greed or Internet trolls, Nozomu is prone to declaring: "I'm in despair! This society has left me in despair!" Loudly. Repeatedly.

Profession… high school teacher, with a class that would leave anyone feeling gloomy. From stalkers to murderous neat freaks, class 2-He is a perfect match for their forlorn homeroom teacher, who's mostly resigned himself to his students' quirks.   

Interests… between impulsive suicide attempts, Nozomu trues to convince his students of the futility of life. Say what you will about his philosophies, but Nozomu's dedication to his students is undeniable. There aren’t many teachers, after all, who actively try to educate his students on "how hollow hope is, and how real despair is."

Relationship Status… complicated. Currently, Nozomu is single, but by some weird quirk, half the female students in his class have designs on him. Maybe because all his gloom seems glamorous? But considering the fact that his class contains stalkers, hustlers, and murderous teenagers, those crushes might not be a good thing.

Challenge… dealing with his odd class while contemplating the pointlessness of existence. If he didn't have troubles enough, Nozomu's duties as homeroom teacher mean he's often called upon to help his more eccentric students. Weirdly enough, it's a job that Nozomu is good at, despite his own intentions.

Personality… melodramatic, manic-depressive, and unfailingly pessimistic. With his sarcasm and dark view of the world, Nozomu's not exactly a sunny personality to be around, but that's done nothing to stop his students from adoring him. And for all his grumbling about the pointlessness of being alive, Nozomu doesn't take kindly to attempts on his life. After all, as he frequently tells would-be savior Kafuka Fuura, "What if I had died?"


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