Norville Barnes
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Norville Barnes

The Hudsucker Proxy

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About Him

Overview... a young man looking to make his mark. Fresh out of business school, Norville Barnes arrives at Hudsucker Industries with grandiose plans – and is shut down almost immediately. But while working in the mailroom, Norville gets his big break when he's called in to meet Sid Mussburger, the current head of Hudsucker. Not only does he save Mussburger's life, Norville also impresses him so much that he picks Norville to be the next head of Hudsucker Industries. Norville's blown away by the promotion, and despite the rumors and doubt about why he was chosen, he's ready to prove himself fit for the job.

Personality... plucky, idealistic, and naive. Growing up in Muncie, Indiana, Norville was voted "most likely to succeed" by his classmates, and he certainly believes them. However, while his strong work ethic and humility win him friends, Norville's small-town wholesomeness makes him an easy target for the far more cynical businessmen in New York City.

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