Norah Silverberg
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Norah Silverberg

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About Her

Grew Up… wealthy. Norah is the daughter of a famous record producer. She grew up around famous musicians and hung out at her father’s office, the legendary Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village.

Living… in New Jersey, where she attends an elite private school. Norah and her friend Caroline spend their weekends in New York, where Norah enjoys VIP access to every music club in town.

Interests… music. Her tastes have been influenced by the mixtapes she has been stealing from her classmate, Tris. Tris obnoxious disregards the “breakup mixes” that her ex-boyfriend, Nick, sends her. Norah, though, seems to have discovered her “musical soul mate” in Nick.

Relationship Status… on-again-off-again with an uptight and arrogant Tal, who is using Norah for her father’s connections. While Norah knows this, she just can’t seem to tear herself away from the abusive Tal. She admits, “I don’t know, he’s just always been there, and when you just feel ignored for long… it’s nice to feel special sometimes.” Her love life changes when she finally meets Nick, the curator of her favorite mix-tapes.

Challenge… finding her drunken friend Caroline, who got lost during a wild night in New York. Norah crosses paths with the shy and heartbroken Nick during her search through the five boroughs.

Personality… strong-willed and down to earth. Norah has the confidence that Nick seems to lack. On their wild night in New York together, she constantly has to buck up the morose Nick. “I will not be a goody bag at your pity party, Nick!” she tells him.

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