Nora Antony

Nora Antony


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a small apartment with her roommate Mandi. They do not interact with each other too frequently, and it seems like Nora views her home in a utilitarian way. She spends most of her time at work or out with her family and friends. Her apartment is more of a practical place to sleep and eat rather than a relaxing space for her.

Profession… guardian angel. Since people can have their consciousnesses uploaded to a virtual afterlife instead of facing a permanent death, an industry has been made around marketing and managing these virtual afterlives. Nora works at the bottom of this industry as a guardian angel. Guardian angels are living people who are assigned to different uploads and are responsible for resolving any issues they run into in their after-lives. As a guardian angel, Nora Antony can literally help others walk on water. All she has to do it hit a button. Nora has been assigned to be the guardian angel for a new member, Nathan. She didn’t expect to like him, but he’s growing on her. As she tells Nathan, "You know, for an L.A. douchebag, you're the best L.A. douchebag I've ever met."

Relationship Status… single. Nora can’t help but develop feelings for Nathan. But this is unfortunate because Nathan is an upload, meaning that he only exists virtually. It is against company policy for guardian angels to have romantic relationships with their uploads, and Nathan has a girlfriend, Ingrid. To make things even more complicated, Nathan is uploaded onto Ingrid’s account, which means that Ingrid can terminate his life at any point. Because of these boundaries, Nora has been trying to find a living romantic partner to invest her time in, but this search is not going as smoothly as she would hope.

Challenge… maintaining meaningful connections. Nora has difficulty getting other people to open up to her and be intimate emotionally rather than just physically. She also has some strain on her relationship with her father. They have differing opinions on religion and the morality of uploading people instead of letting them die naturally. Her father is in poor health and her assertions that he needs to choose to upload himself is causing some rifts between the two.

Personality… timid and caring. Nora is not someone to be forward and upfront with her thoughts or emotions. Her social circle is somewhat small, and she is choosy about what she shares with others. Her guarded nature often gets in her way, which is a shame because, in many cases, she has a lot to offer to the situations she encounters.


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