Nobody "Bod" Owens

Nobody "Bod" Owens

The Graveyard Book

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About Him

Grew Up... raised by ghosts. When a murderer named Jack descends on a sleeping family, the only survivor is a baby who crawls into a nearby graveyard. Christened Nobody by the ghosts who adopt him, Bod Owens grows up surrounded by ghosts and vampires, many of whom are his close friends.

Living... in the same graveyard he crawled into as a toddler. Raised by ghostly Mr. and Mrs. Owen, Nobody is given Freedom of the Graveyard, which allows him to see the dead and occasionally act like them.

Profession... human. Disregarding the occasional werewolves or vampires, Bod is the only living resident of the graveyard, which naturally makes him a curiosity to the other ghosts. Still, the dead take good care of Bod, teaching him all they can about life, death, and the space in-between.

Interests... exploring his home. For the first few years of his life, the graveyard and its mysteries are more than enough to occupy Nobody, but as he grows older, he begins to long for life outside the gated walls. As Bod tells his mentor, Silas, "I want to see life. I want to hold it in my hands. I want to leave a footprint on the sand of a desert island. I want to play football with people. I want. I want everything.”

Relationship Status... single. Bod's only a young child, after all, and while there are plenty of friendly ghosts around him, it's pretty hard to sustain to a relationship with someone who's already dead.

Challenge... confronting Jack. While Bod is currently safe, he can't stay inside the graveyard gates forever – sooner or later, Bod will have to leave and face the man who killed his family. It's a confrontation Bod is looking forward to, however, telling Silas, "if I go outside into the world, the question isn't who will keep me safe from him? [....] It's who will keep him safe from me?”

Personality... curious, bookish, and quiet. Growing up among ghosts, Nobody has always seemed a little insubstantial to the humans who meet him – and with his talent for disappearing in plain sight, it's hard for many people to even notice him. Once spotted, however, Nobody's lively curiosity is hard not to notice, and his skills as a listener quickly endears Bod to both the living and dead. 

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