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Noah Bennet


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About Him

Living... a double life. As far as his family is concerned, he’s a dorky, normal father who just happens to go on a lot of business trips. But when he’s away he’s actually gaining intelligence on superpowered, evolved humans.

Profession... regional manager at Primatech Paper Company – a bland, boring paper goods company that nobody passing by would ever notice. And that’s the point, because it’s a front for the Company, a mysterious organization that tracks (and sometimes kills) people with superpowers.

Relationship Status... married to Sandra Bennet. Together they raise their adoptive daughter Claire, but she’s starting to be curious about her birth family. But Noah knows all about her biological parents’ superpowers, and Claire’s too. She is invulnerable and can regenerate tissue, but Noah still feels incredibly protective of her.

Challenge... keeping his daughter safe. Claire can jump off a building and come away without a scratch, but there’s a bigger world of other powered people than she realizes. And not all of them would run into a burning building to save people like she would. Some of them are not only evil; they want to use their powers to destroy Claire along with the rest of the world.          

Personality... square, loving, kind, but secretive as well. And what’s he hiding? A whole other side of his personality. One that’s ruthless, one that’s involved with murder, one that would alienate his family. But he does it to protect his daughter, at least in his mind. She has extraordinary gifts that many want to exploit.

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