Nissa Revane

Nissa Revane

    Magic: The Gathering

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the plane of Zendikar with the living land, rich with mana. It is no wonder that Nissa’s love for nature blossomed growing up around such wondrous landscapes.

Living… somewhere in the Multiverse. Nissa loves her home plane of Zendikar. But as stunning as the natural world is there, there are so many other beautiful and unique landscapes across the Multiverse that Nissa also humbly vows to safeguard.

Profession… animist and founding member of the Gatewatch. Nissa’s love for natural landscapes and the beings and creatures that inhabit them are what inspire her to devote much of her life to their protection. Her affinity for her loyal creatures makes her a reliable and supportive member of the crew.

Interests… nature and animals. Nissa possesses a truly special connection to the natural world around her—so much so she is even able to draw power from the ground beneath her. She can bring the Earth itself to life with her ability to summon elemental creatures.

Relationship Status… single. Nissa's only love is all things nature. For any future partner, a rare similar passion for the land is undoubtedly a must. Given the many natural wonders found around the Multiverse, there is surely someone out there who appreciates the beauty of the land as much as she does.

Challenge… being more open-minded. Nissa’s incredible appreciation for the beauty of nature sometimes results in a bit of a closed-minded attitude towards those of a different background. It comes from a good place, as she is very protective over what she holds dear to her. But these biased feelings can sometimes lead to unnecessary conflict.

Personality… compassionate, loyal, and driven. Nissa is an individual that knows what she cares about and will fight tooth and nail to protect it. She is loving and soft-hearted when it comes to her homeland. But she transforms into a ruthless and cunning warrior when it is threatened, and she will not hesitate to do what it takes to defend it.


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