Nilin Cartier-Wells

Nilin Cartier-Wells

Remember Me (Video Game)

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About Her

Grew Up... in France. Nilin Cartier-Wells grew up in France with her parents Charles and Scylla. However, Scylla disowned her daughter because she blames Nilin for (accidentally) causing her car wreck.

Living... in Neo-Paris.Ever since 2053, Neo-Paris has been the capital of France after the original Paris was destroyed and abandoned during the European Civil War. The city was then rebuilt and by 2084 it became a dense, sprawling, futuristic metropolis.

Profession... Errorist. Nilin is an Errorist, a radical freedom fighter trying to take down Memorize, a company that trades in controversial memory capture, sharing, and altering technology through their “Sensation Engine.” Memorize happened to be founded by Nilin’s grandfather, Antoine.

Interests... martial arts. As Nilin begins to uncover more of her own lost memories, she quickly learns many different kinds of martial arts, suggesting she previously studied them. She also has the unique ability to enter people’s minds and manipulate or “remix” their thoughts as a Memory Hunter.

Relationship Status... single. As an Errorist, Nilin is very dedicated to Edge, the poetic leader of the movement, who frequently talks to her and provides her with directions for helping the cause. She’s essentially a disciple of Edge, with no time or room for romance in her life. 

Challenge... regaining her memories. After waking up in the Bastille, Nilin struggles to remember why she is in the prison. Realizing her memories have been stolen, Nilin reconnects with Edge and the Errorists so she can figure out just what is going on. As she says, “My life story is still riddled with holes, shadows upon the canvas of my life.”                                                                        

Personality... rebellious. Nilin is a righteous warrior fighting to take down an oppressive company, even though her own family has a significant stake in it. She also has a strong sarcastic streak.

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