Nikki Grace
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Nikki Grace

Inland Empire

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About Her

Living… in a grand mansion in Los Angeles with her powerful husband, Piotrek.  

Profession… actor. Work has been slow for Nikki, and she has been living outside of the limelight she once enjoyed as a movie star. But things start to pick up after an eerie and prophetic Polish woman visits her who says that she's her neighbor. Aside from giving her two enigmatic cautionary tales, she predicted that Nikki would get a part a day before she actually auditions. And she was right– Nikki landed a role as the lead in a remake of a German film called On High In Blue Tomorrow. It might not be too late for her career after all.

Relationship Status… married but getting close to her handsome co-star.

Challenge… figuring out what is real and what is reel. Nikki and her character Sue are becoming harder to separate, and she is having interactions with her past and future selves. And on top of all of this, Nikki has to deal with doppelgängers, strange occurrences, and an odd hypnotist who is following her. Danger lurks everywhere.

Personality… ambitious and passionate but starting to becomedelirious. As she says, "I figured one day I'd just wake up and find out what the hell yesterday was all about. I'm not too keen on thinkin' about tomorrow. And today's slipping by."

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