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Niki Sanders


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About Her

Living... with two personalities, both of whom live in Las Vegas. One is a single mom struggling to get by, and the other is a super-strength-wielding weapon of destruction. She’d love to know more about that second one, but she always blacks out right before going berserk.

Profession... webcam stripper and single mom. Her son, Micah, is embarrassed by what she does to make money, but he doesn’t understand the full extent of her debt to the dangerous mobster, Linderman. It’s so bad she might have to use her strength to take care of some dirty work for him.

Relationship Status... married to D.L. Hawkins, a fugitive from the law with more than a few secrets. He’s Micah’s father, but with his criminal past and ties to Linderman, are they safer with him not around?

Challenge... understanding her new powers, her alternate personality, and her place in the world of Nevada organized crime. She blacks out when she goes on rampages, but she sees glimpses of another version of herself in the mirror. If this other side of her leaves corpses in her trunk, what skeletons does she have in her closet?        

Personality... strong, determined, driven. She’s incredibly kind and caring to her son… until the other side of her comes out. When that happens she’s dangerous and ruthless and she doesn’t want Micah to see that. She’s deeply protective of the people she loves, but she doesn’t know what to do when she has to protect them from herself.

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