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Nicolette Grant

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Grew up… on the Juniper Creek compound of Mormon fundamentalists in Utah. Nicolette has always known that she would be a part of a polygamous family. It’s how she was raised, it’s what she wants, and it’s what she feels to be her duty.

Living… with her husband, Bill, and his two other wives, Barb and Margie, plus their eight combined kids outside Salt Lake City. Nicolette came into Bill’s life when Barb was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Nicki helped nurse Barb back to health, and, in the process, entered into a relationship with Bill that ended up in marriage.

Profession… mother and wife. Nicki sees her matriarchal role as a full-time job. More importantly, she sees her marriage as a responsibility, rather than something simply for her pleasure. Her dedication to the practice of polygamy is strong. “I didn’t marry for love,” she says. “I married for The Principle.”

Interests… shopping. Nicki’s compulsive online shopping habit is no laughing matter. Her massive credit card bills have caused serious problems for Bill and the rest of the family.

Relationship Status… married to Bill Henrickson, who happens to be a long-time rival of her father, the “Prophet” (or leader) of Juniper Creek, Roman Grant. Nicki is something akin to royalty in compound, as she was always considered Roman’s favorite daughter. But now that Nicki is married to Bill, who also grew up on the compound and is the man that Roman most fears might someday usurp his position, that status has become very complicated.

Challenge… staying dedicated to her family. Nicki’s belief in “The Principle” of polygamy is what keeps her married to Bill. She often finds herself in conflict with the other wives over trivial matters, but refuses to separate on purely theological grounds. As she once put it, “I don’t know that a marriage based on love can go the distance. The secret holiness of the institution. The sanctity of marriage. Without it, it’s just random couplings.”

Personality… stubborn and often unsympathetic, but steadfast to her beliefs. Nicki has difficulty finding a way to balance her loyalty to her new family and The Principle with her loyalty to her father. As Roman and Bill come closer to entering a serious conflict, Nicki finds herself needing to choose a side.

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