Nicole "Nic" Allgood

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Nicole "Nic" Allgood

The Kids Are All Right

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About Her

Overview… a Los Angeles obstetrician with no tolerance for nonsense. Nic is her family’s breadwinner. Her wife, Jules, stays home with their teenagers, Joni and Laser, while Nic is off working hard for the money. At home, she prefers to relax with a glass (or three) of red wine and a good movie with her wife. A good, concerned mother, Nic tends to be more safety-conscious than her wife, Jules.

Personality… funny, uptight, and perennially exhausted. Nic doesn’t take kindly to hippie-dippy nonsense. She hates all the latest Los Angeles health crazes: hemp oil, acai berries, whatever. Her partner says she’s a control-freak, but Nic would just call that being sensible.

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Nicole "Nic" Allgood
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