Nicole Maris
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Nicole Maris

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About Her

Grew Up… next door to her childhood best friend, Chase. The inseparable pair spent most of their time hanging out in a tree house in Chase’s backyard.

Living… still next door to Chase, but they’re no longer friends because, as she explains, “junior high happened.” Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother. Nicole is supposed to see her dad once a month, but he often disappoints her. But Nicole still has fun by forever hitting the hot spot of the week, whether it’s the local burger joint, a nearby waterfall, or the basketball game after-party.

Interests… student government, school spirit, and generally making sure everyone has a good high school experience. Nicole is in charge of planning the upcoming centennial dance, and she wants it to be more than just a trendy soiree. She wants it to be the stuff of high school mythos, something that everyone – not just the popular kids – can enjoy.

Relationship Status… very, very single. She’d been hoping Brad, the cute, popular, and clueless (aren’t they always?) star athlete on her high school’s basketball team, would ask her to the upcoming dance. Based on her social status, it was totally expected. But that’s the thing about high school – expectations don’t always work out.

Challenge… finding a date to the dance. Nicole was so focused on Brad, but he fell for a cheerleader from a different school. So what’s she supposed to do now? Turn her next door neighbor into the perfect date, of course. (Not that it’s going to be easy.)

Personality… organized, driven, and clever. Nicole is smart and cares about appearances. She knows what she has to do to get what she wants and she’s willing to do it, but she’s not ruthless. Deep down, she’s a good person who doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, even if that is the entire premise her social status is predicated upon. 

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