Nicky Spurgeon
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Nicky Spurgeon


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About Him

Overview... a suave con man with a new partner in crime. Grifting runs in Nicky’s family, so when upstart pickpocket Jess tries to blackmail him, he’s a few steps ahead of her con. But he can’t help but fall for her, and soon enough he takes on the role of mentor, hurtling the two on a path towards the con of their lives.

Personality... smooth-talking, level-headed, and daring. The message Nicky preaches to Jess, above all else, is making sure you stay focused on the con no matter what goes wrong. Because inevitably, things will. And that includes catching feelings for your co-conspirator. Nicky’s not afraid to take a risk if the odds are right, but becoming emotionally invested in Jess might not be a smart play.

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