Nickie Ferrante
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Nickie Ferrante

An Affair to Remember

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About Him

Living... wherever his next wealthy conquest will take him next. Having never worked a day in his life, Nickie gets by on his charm and good looks, seducing scores of women and traveling with them around the world. Supposedly ready to settle down, he makes his last voyage to New York City, where he has found the jackpot of conquests.

Visiting... his fiancée Lois Clarke, “and her 600 million bucks” in New York City. Well, technically, he's not so much visiting as much as settling down with her. However, with Nickie's reputation, who really knows what he'll do next?

Profession... professional playboy. Nickie is actually great enough at painting to make a career of it. However, having never had the proper motivation for it, he is destined to continue being a kept man for the next woman who can afford him.

Interests... seducing women, painting, traveling, playing piano, and living the fabulous life. Somewhat of a modern Renaissance man, Nickie is actually quite talented at everything he does –he is also fluent in French, so ladies beware – but he has always been too busy and distracted by the next big thing. His grandmother tells Terry that she worries about Nickie because of his inability to settle: “He's always attracted by the art he isn't practicing, the place he hasn't been, the girl he hasn't met." Even more, she fears that, for the boy to whom life has handed everything, “life will present a bill one day that he will find hard to pay.”

Relationship Status... engaged...finally. With a reputation for being a “big dame hunter,” Nickie's exit from Europe is actually broadcasted by stations all over the continent, which are both announcing his impending marriage and celebrating the scores of woman that will be available now that he is taken. About the women he encounters, he admits, “Every woman I meet I put up there (on a pedestal). Of course, the longer I know her, and the better I know her...” Well, let's just say he probably doesn't respect the women he “meets.” That is, until he encounters Terry McKay. Despite his shameful attempts to seduce her within minutes of knowing her, she stands firm against him, making him – for the first time – feel embarrassed by his caddish behavior. As he decides to take his ego for a walk, he also manages to secure a dinner with Terry that will change both of their lives forever.

Challenge... being with Terry. Whether it's on the ship or in New York City, Nickie finds that the road to love is not easy. Telling Terry, “I just want to be worthy of asking you to marry me,” Nickie finds that life has finally presented him with his bill...and paying it is a long and arduous process.

Personality...suave and artistic. Although the other travelers on the ship treat Nickie as somewhat of a celebrity, there's more to him than meets the eye – and he certainly isn't hard on the eyes – but seemingly only Terry and his grandmother are aware of it. With Terry as a motivator, perhaps Nickie can stop using his charm to get through life, and can begin using his many other talents to become someone who is worthy of his love.

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