Nick Young

Nick Young

    Crazy Rich Asians

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in his grandma’s house in Singapore. While that might sound quaint, Nick’s childhood was more Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous than The Waltons. His business mogul family is basically Singaporean royalty. His grandma’s huge mansion has its own armed guards.

Living... a simple life in New York. In fact, Nick’s New York life so normal that his girlfriend Rachel Chu has no idea that his family is crazy rich.

Visiting... Singapore, for his best friend Colin’s wedding. Nick is the best man, and he decides to take the opportunity to bring Rachel home to meet his family. As he explains it, ““Well, my family is much like anybody else’s… There’s half of them that you love and respect, and then there’s the other half.”

Profession... future heir to the Young Corporation. It’s long been expected that Nick will take over the family business, but he’s been delaying coming back home in order to spend more time with Rachel.

Interests... Jamba Juice, playing basketball at the local YMCA, and eating Rachel’s dessert instead of ordering his own.

Relationship Status... happily dating Rachel Chu. The two seem like a perfect match, at least when they’re in the bubble of New York City.

Challenge... balancing life and love. In Nick’s world, marriage is as much political as it is romantic. As the “crown prince” of the Young family and the favorite of his grandmother, Nick is expected to marry a woman from a wealthy, prestigious family. He believes his love for Rachel can overcome anything, but he might be a bit naïve about the realities of his world. His mother Eleanor is especially skeptical about Rachel, and determined to prevent her son from marrying a woman she doesn’t deem worthy.

Personality... charming, handsome, and a bit naïve. Nick has a good heart and a whole lot of suave charm. Though Nick may think he hasn’t been influenced by his life of luxury, he doesn’t always have a firm foot in the real world. 


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