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Nick Wells

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Living… in Montreal, Canada. Nick lives in a plush apartment in the center of the city. He has a motto that he learned from his friend Max: “Steal outside the country, steal in the States, steal in Europe. But Montreal, live in Montreal.”

Profession… jazz club owner by day. But his real income comes from his thievery. Nick is no small-time hustler: he’s a large-stakes robber with a talent for opening iron-clad safes. But “that other thing,” as he refers to his vocation, is proving to be a bit too much for a man his age. He wants to give it up.

Interests… jazz and scotch on the rocks. Nick likes to enjoy the finer things in life. Many people compliment him on his good taste – it’s what made his club so successful.

Relationship Status… dating a flight attendant named Diane. Nick can only see his girlfriend sporadically due to the nature of their careers, a situation that he wants to change. Nick is thinking about retiring from thievery in order get closer with Diane.

Challenge… pulling off his last job and retiring for good. Nick has to pull off this daring heist if he wants to live the rest of his life with Diana in comfort. To make matters more difficult, Nick is finding that he doesn’t have a great working relationship with his colleague, a cocky young thief named Jack.

Personality… wise, experienced, and tough. Nick is a guy who doesn’t like to take guff from anybody. He believes in hard work and dedication rather than showy exhibitionism. 

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