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Nick Twisp

Youth in Revolt

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About Him

Overview… a short, pale, and awkward young man. In other words, Nick Twisp is precisely what most girls don’t want. Sheeni Saunders, on the other hand, is gorgeous, cultured, and edgy – precisely what most guys do want. Sparks unexpectedly fly when the two meet, but their summer fling is cut short when Nick has to return to Oakland. In order to keep Sheeni interested, he decides to adopt an alter-ego as the suave and rebellious Francois Dillinger. Things seem to be going well, until Francois starts to take over Nick’s life.  

Personality…gawky and anxious, but genuinely sweet. Nick’s the kind of guy who will send a girl handwritten letters, drive miles to visit her at school, and give her anything she could ever want. Unfortunately, he usually isn’t given the chance.

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Nick Twisp
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