Nick Miller

Nick Miller

    New Girl
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Chicago, yet Nick seems to still be in the process of growing up, even as he enters his 30s. Nick himself would tell you that he’s not a “successful adult.” His dad taught him plenty of life lessons, but unfortunately many of them were about gambling and alcohol.

Living… in Los Angeles with his two best friends, Winston and Schmidt, and their new roommate Jess. Nick takes things on a day-to-day basis. He doesn’t have too much of a life plan.

Profession… bartender at Clyde’s Bar. This was Nick’s fallback, of course. After dropping out of law school with three semesters to go, Nick chose to work at a bar instead of taking the Bar. He works in the evenings, but spends his days (theoretically) working on his zombie novel.

Interests… beer, TV, and fantasy football. As he insists to his roommates, “It’s perfectly fine to watch TV all day.” And true to his word, Nick can seemingly always be found relaxing at the apartment with a beer in hand.

Relationship Status… recently split up with his long-term girlfriend, Caroline. Nick is not well-suited to single life, as he can barely cook, clean or take care of himself. He finds himself relying on his roommates for emotional, and sometimes financial, support. But he has quickly developed a quirky rapport with Jess.

Challenge… discovering his passion. Nick, aside from being in a financial hellhole, is emotionally and spiritually lost. He does little more than drink beer and watch TV, and even though he rarely expresses dissatisfaction with this lifestyle, he sometimes seems to want something more for himself. Can he get himself together long enough to achieve it?

Personality… amusing, but also grumpy, sarcastic and lazy. Nick is not doing very much with his life, and he’s usually fine with that. When asked about his profession, he’ll probably stretch the truth about his accomplishments: “I’ve done things. I wrote half a book about zombies.”


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