Nick Halsey
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Nick Halsey

Everything Must Go

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About Him

Grew Up… in an unstable home, playing varsity baseball in high school.

Living…  in Phoenix, Arizona among the tatters of his former life. After pretty much the worst day possible, Nick isn’t sure where he’ll be for much longer.

Profession…  successful sales manager. Or at least he was, until being fired over alleged drunken misconduct involving a female coworker on a business trip.

Interests… drinking and more drinking. Nick has been trying to get his alcoholism under control for a few years, but seeing as how everything around him is falling apart, alcohol is all he's got. When questioned by a police officer about how much he’s had to drink, Nick responds, “Not nearly enough.”

Relationship Status… married, but not for much longer. Upon hearing of his dismissal and relapse, Nick’s wife Kitty changes the locks, freezes their joint accounts, and leaves Nick’s belongings on the lawn with a note explaining that their marriage is over.

Challenge… moving on. Effectively hitting rock bottom, Nick clings to any shreds of his past that he can find, including all of his old junk. Getting a grip on his alcoholism and career failures is the only real way forward, but given the situation, Nick would prefer to wallow in self-pity on the front lawn. Unfortunately, a city ordinance limits how long he can stay there, so he’s forced to make a choice.

Personality… honest and somber. Considering how quickly his life disintegrated, Nick isn’t as emotional and depressed as one might expect. In the face of hurtful events, he adopts an apathy that makes him appear numb to the world. Little things still get to him, so he will respond to certain comments with sarcasm, but for the most part he is subdued and open about his situation. Rebounding isn’t easy, but Nick’s experiences have left him with a few nuggets of raw wisdom that he willingly imparts on the people who haven’t abandoned him. 

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