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Nick Easter

Runaway Jury

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About Him

Overview… a seemingly relaxed video game enthusiast living in New Orleans. Nick Easter appears understandably nonplussed when he discovers that he is being called for jury duty on a highly publicized gun rights case. Despite his avid pleas to be excused, he finds himself stuck on the jury for what looks like a long and hotly contested trial, so he dials up the charm in an effort to befriend the other jurors and pass the time. Though soon it seems that Nick didn’t end up on this jury by chance alone.

Personality… easy-going and likeable. Nick is a personable guy, which means that he gets along well with the other jurors, giving their deliberations a more informal, conversational atmosphere. His love of video games leaves him with a methodical and sharp thought process which he exhibits in discussing the case. In fact, for someone who appeared so reluctant to be involved in the jury in the first place, he seems almost too interested in the case, which begins to make other jurors suspicious. And their suspicions have plenty of merit.

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Nick Easter
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