Nick Dunne
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Nick Dunne

Gone Girl

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Living… in the far removed town of North Carthage, Missouri. Nick and his wife Amy had been living a life of near-luxury in New York City when Nick's job situation took a bad turn. For a while Nick and Amy seemed to have the perfect relationship, but little by little it became more and more strained. This move from New York to the small-town Midwest certainly didn't help.

Profession… a journalist. Well, a former journalist, as Nick has just been let go by his publication. He decides to open a bar with his twin sister in North Carthage, an establishment that provides them with a fair deal of money. 

Interests… making a fresh start in a new unfamiliar area. 

Relationship Status… in a strained marriage. Amy is pretty vocal in her discontent over their change of location. She despises what she calls the McMansion, the property that Nick, Amy and his sister are renting, as she longs for the hustle and bustle of her former city life. However, things go from bad to much, much worse when Amy disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary.

Challenge… proving his innocence. As her spouse, he's the number one suspect in her disappearance and presumed death. His apparent lack of empathy makes him even more suspicious. He insists he's innocent. Of course there's one way Nick can conclusively prove that he didn't kill his wife: if he somehow finds her, still alive. 

Personality… a little aloof, stressed, anxious, and perhaps a little untrustworthy. But is he a murderer? Hounded by the press and detectives, it seems that Nick might be all alone in trying to confirm his innocence.

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