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Grew up… under the iron fist of his strict father in Chippewa, Mich. Mr. Andopolis wants a respectable life for Nick, who seems to be far more interested in hanging out with his friends and smoking weed than he is in schoolwork.

Living… his life mostly high. Nick consumes more marijuana than most of his friends, but at least he’s got a good rationale for it. “It’s from the earth, it’s natural,” he says. “Why would it be there if we weren’t supposed to smoke it?”

Profession… high school student, though Nick seems to be failing at that. His father, who’s unimpressed with Nick’s poor performance in school, imagines that a stint in the military would do his some good. Not surprisingly, Nick disagrees.

Interests… drumming. It’s Nick’s dream to be a professional musician when he grows up. “This is the essence of who I am,” he says of his drum kit. “But before I had this I was lost, you see what I’m saying? You gotta find your reason for living.”

Relationship Status… single, though Nick has an eye for the new girl who’s been hanging around the other “freaks,” Lindsay Weir. The two aren’t “officially” in a relationship; they’re far too cool for that sort of thing. “We’re not really into labeling things, you know?” Nick explains to his friends. “We have a more mature relationship than that. Let’s just say we have an understanding.”

Challenge… becoming a successful drummer before his father forces him to join the military. 

Personality… generally sweet, though Nick has a tendency to be morose and depressive. The only times that Nick seems to truly come alive are when he’s with Lindsay, or when he’s listening to his favorite band, Rush.

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