Nicholas Van Orton
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Nicholas Van Orton

The Game

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About Him

Overview... an investment banker who’s received a voucher to play The Game. Soon after Nicholas was on vacation alone when he was robbed at gunpoint. They took his wallet, money... all of it. He’d already given Consumer Recreation Services everything else – handwriting samples, voice samples, psychological info. They used it all to figure out his passwords and keep him distracted while they broke into the network and transferred his financial holdings to dummy accounts. Now he’s trying to get his life back.

Personality... paranoid, successful, and not used to losing. Nicholas still doesn’t know if the Game is real or not. C.R.S. has followed him every step of the way. He’s never lived without a safety net. He doesn’t know if they've actually hijacked his life, or it's all part of the Game. But he’s determined to find out.

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