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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the biologically diverse and beautiful planet of Pandora as part of the Na'vi species, a highly intelligent alien life-form somewhat similar to humans but far more spiritual (and blue). However, humans started colonizing Pandora, which is rich in the priceless element unobtanium, and their relations with the Na'vi soon deteriorated. As a result, Neytiri's sister was killed by soldiers.

Living… at her tribe’s Hometree, an immense tree that serves as the clan’s home. At one point while roaming the forests of Pandora, Neytiri spots an avatar – a human controlling the body of Na'vi. However, rather than kill the avatar (named Jake), she resentfully saves him from vicious viperwolves. But soon she realizes that he has a strong connection with Eywa, their guiding life force on Pandora.

Profession… princess of the Omitacaya clan. For the Na’vi, that doesn’t mean tiaras or photo-ops. Rather, Neytiri is next in line to be the Tsahik, the female spiritual leader of the tribe.

Interests… hunting, riding her pterodactyl-like banshee, and defending her home from humans.

Relationship Status… soulmates with Jake. After getting her mother's permission to train Jake, the two eventually fall in love, get hitched by their Na'vi braids, and then spend the night under the Tree of Voices.

Challenge… determining whether she can trust Jake – or not. Jake has essentially been sent to spy on the Na’vi, though he has come to sympathize with and even love them. But when humans attack the Hometree to unearth the Unobtanium beneath it, Neytiri must decide which side Jake is truly on.

Personality… fearless, impetuous, and unyielding. When she firsts meets Jake, she's pretty blunt: "You have a strong heart, no fear. But stupid, ignorant like a child." Neytiri is a strong woman (well, a female Na’vi) who can more than take care of herself.


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