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Living... in an apartment in New York City in the same building as his mortal enemy, Jerry Seinfeld. Their close proximity leads to regular confrontation and gives Newman many opportunities to get involved in Jerry's business, much to Jerry's chagrin.

Profession... postal worker, though not a good one. Newman has no qualms about going through people’s mail or changing his delivery route for his personal gain. He even somehow uses his much-mocked job to further his sense of self-aggrandizement, once saying sinisterly, "When you control the mail, you control... information."

Interests... being a source of frustration in Jerry's life. Newman enjoys getting on Jerry's nerves above all else. He frequently weasels his way into situations Jerry is involved in, attempting to make his life more difficult. It's unclear what the origin of their enmity is, but Newman is whole-heartedly committed to keeping the feud alive. You can be sure that Newman’s standard, sarcastically cheerful "Hello, Jerry!" will always be returned by Jerry with an overtly disdainful, "Hello, Newman."

Relationship Status... single. Newman is rarely seen in pursuit of romance, appearing to focus most of his time on scheming. He has had some short-term relationships, though, most significantly his fling with Babs, the mother of his good friend Kramer. He also once briefly landed an attractive girlfriend via an eerily successful, and very specific, blowing-out-birthday-candles wish.

Challenge... personal development. Newman's reason for being seems to be making others' lives worse instead of making his own better, leaving him in a perpetual state of emotional stagnation. His behavior does make him feel good as he thoroughly enjoys distressing others, but his obsession with petty arguments leaves him stuck in his childish ways.

Personality... deceitful, conniving, and divisive. Even when his plots aren't directed at Jerry in particular, they intend to disrupt someone else for Newman's benefit. Although his friendship with Kramer shows that he is  at least capable of civility, Newman comes off as a wholly bad person, exploitative and with little to no consideration of morals or values. As Jerry puts it, "I've looked into his eyes. He's pure evil."

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