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About Him

Grew Up... in Onett. Ness and his friends live in this small, everyday suburb. He rarely sees his overworked father, so Ness and his little sister Tracy are raised by their mother, and Ness frequently calls her whenever he is homesick.  

Living... in Eagleland. Ness’s adventures take him to Twoson, Threed, Fourside, and various other towns in the country of Eagleland, a very large and patriotic place.

Profession... psychic child. Ness is one of several children gifted with powerful psychic, or PSI, abilities. This allows him to unleash a variety of “PK” attacks on foes, such PK Thunder and PK Flash. 

Interests… baseball. Like many young boys, Ness has a passion for baseball. He always wears his special baseball cap from his favorite team, and he frequently uses a baseball bat in combat.

Relationship Status... single; still too young. Ness is just a boy, he’s barely 13, so he’s not thinking about girls quite yet. However, he is close with his friends Jeff, Poo, and Paula.

Challenge... defeating Giygas. When an evil invading alien entity called Giygas threatens to blanket the world in hatred and monsters, Ness and his allies leave their simple, idyllic childhood behind to go collect the Eight Melodies and save the world.                                            

Personality... plucky. Although Ness’s psychic powers are a great weapon against evil, his hope and optimism are really what make him so special. He’s just a good kid.  As he says, “I don’t care how hard it is. I’m not giving up!”

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