Nepeta Leijon

Nepeta Leijon


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on Alternia, a planet with several distinct differences from Earth. First of which is Nepeta's species: she's a troll, a humanoid species that is divided into classes according to blood color. A green-blood, Nepeta is in the middle of the hierarchy, but such distinctions don’t mean much to her. As she understands it, ":33 < what does gr33n blood even mean! it doesnt mean anything to me and it shouldnt mean anything to anyone else!"

Living... on a meteor, after a video game session goes drastically wrong. After playing SBURB, Alternia was destroyed, leaving Nepeta and her co-players as the only trolls alive. Now their only hope seems to be the strange planet they're hurtling towards: Earth.

Profession... cutest kitty this side of the galaxy. In SBURB, Nepeta was given the title Rogue of Heart, and although she hasn't quite unlocked her powers, the role fits her mischievous but caring nature.

Interests... role-playing, cats, and all things adorable. Dressing in cat-themed clothing and preceding all her texts with the emoticon “:33,” Nepeta tries to incorporate her love of felines into every aspect of her life. She's also an avid romantic, mapping her friends' tangled relationships on a wall, which she updates religiously.

Relationship Status... single, but pining over her fellow troll, Karkat. Unfortunately for Nepeta, he's already taken – but at least she has Equius as her moirail. As moirails (non-romantic soulmates) and not matesprits (closer our human notion of romantic love), the two may not be physically attracted to each other, but they are good friends and help keep each other in check, as if they were siblings.

Challenge... helping the humans complete SBURB. While the trolls are still far away from Earth, they're able to communicate with the new players using chatrooms. However, gaining the humans' trust is a difficult task. And if that weren't enough, weeks of living together is starting to make Nepeta's friends a little stir-crazy. Conflict seems inevitable, and it's easy for one innocent kitty to get caught up in it.

Personality... cheerful, caring, and carefree. Cute as the felines she loves, Nepeta sees herself as a fundamentally playful cat who just wants everyone to join in on her fun. ":33 < you pretend to be so high and mighty. but i know you're not and i know you like games!" But don't let her unassuming appearance fool you. For all her kindness, Nepeta is an accomplished huntress, capable of bringing down the fiercest of beasts with her bare hands.


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