Finding Nemo
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the Great Barrier Reef, with his dad Marlin. Nemo had a lot of friends, but due to an accident that occurred before he’d even hatched, he didn’t have any siblings. Nemo’s dad always used to worry about him, since his right fin was damaged in the accident, but it never held him back at all. They called it his lucky fin.

Living... trapped in a dentist’s fishtank on the Sydney Harbor. This is his cosmic punishment for disobeying his overprotective dad and exploring the ocean. Far away from his home, Nemo is now part of a group of misfits plotting an escape.

Profession... student on his first day at school – at least before he ended up in this tank. Now he’s become a pet, and the dentist has ill-fated plans for him...

Relationship Status... non-existent. He has no interest in romance, but he has met a lot of interesting characters in the fish tank, like Gill and Bloat. Maybe they’ll be friends for life – and hopefully that life continues outside of this tank.

Challenge... escaping the fishtank. His friend Gill, a veteran of the dentist’s aquarium, has devised a plan to jam the filter and lead them out. But meanwhile, Nemo faces the threat of the dentist’s niece, Darla, who loves fish a little too much.

Personality... adventurous, full of wonder for the world around him. Before landing in this tank, he used to be embarrassed by his dad a lot. But as he’s come to realize, his dad only smothered him in order to protect him. Now he’s meeting the first big challenge of his life, and he’s got to face it alone – which means that he’ll have to grow up really fast.


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