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Grew Up... in the marshlands of Rinax, an exotic locale on the moon of Talax, in the Talaxian System of the Delta Quadrant. Before the destruction of his home, Neelix spent much of his formative years exploring the forests and caves of Rinax with his sisters. His youthful sense of awe and thirst for adventure have not left him.

Living... aboard Intrepid Class Federation starship U.S.S. Voyager (NCC-74656) as the only Talaxian among the ship’s Alpha Quadrant-based crew. Together with the Ocampan Kes, Neelix embodies the best qualities of the Delta Quadrant and proudly serves the crew as their friend and equal.

Visiting... locations both known and unknown within the Delta Quadrant. As Voyager continues its path towards the Alpha Quadrant and Earth, Neelix’s unique knowledge of, and past dealings with, nearby civilizations has proven to be crucial. His competent assessments of alien races, both savory and unsavory, continue to influence Captain Janeway’s command decisions.

Profession... chef, and self-appointed Chief Morale Officer of the U.S.S. Voyager. Hailing from the Delta Quadrant and having not trained at Starfleet, Neelix’s position on board is both voluntary and the result of Voyager’s unique situation. In his plea to Captain Janeway to serve on board Voyager, Neelix stated, “I have friends among races you don't even know exist. It will be my job to anticipate your needs before you know you have them. And I anticipate your first need will be me.” His regular positivity and capacity for hope make Neelix a driving force for wellness onboard the ship. His prowess in the kitchen is at least equal to his knowledge of local food customs, which may sometimes be far from those of the crew.

Interests... learning more about the Alpha Quadrant and the history of its inhabitants, some with whom he now serves. Using Voyager’s computer database, Neelix is constantly educating himself and improving his understanding of his fellow crew and their needs. While he may try to replicate their favorite meals from home in the kitchen, Neelix also does not shy away from experimenting using his own means and preferences. He’s bold in action and in conversation.

Relationship Status... taken. Neelix only has eyes for Ocampan Kes, who he rescued as part of a daring plot at the time of his first encounter with Voyager. Neelix saw, and rightly so, that the answer to Voyager’s successful recovery of crew members lay in the knowledge that the woman held. Now on board Voyager, Kes fulfills his dreams of personal compatibility. In Kes, Neelix has found a sharp and developing mind which he can, at times, influence and, at other times, be influenced by – much to the delight of both.

Challenge.... providing sound advice and invaluable services to the ship’s captain and crew at all times while they are in the Delta Quadrant. Neelix strives to maintain a positive attitude while acknowledging events from his past that are less than happy. And certainly, not all of his dealings with other species (for instance, the Kazon-Nistrim)­–whether as an itinerant trader or in his current position–have been wholly honorable. The closer that Voyager sails to its home, the farther Neelix will be from his and he strives to maintain his usefulness.

Personality... friendly, talkative, and street smart. Neelix knows a bad arrangement when he sees one. And, while some crew members may not enjoy Neelix’s constant attention, they certainly have it. His willingness to chat with anyone and everyone make Neelix an important addition to a very divided crew.

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