Ned Merrill
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Ned Merrill

The Swimmer

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About Him

Overview... an advertising executive in an affluent Connecticut suburb who’s been waiting for a chance to take it easy. One day, while having drinks with friends at a pool party, he figured out that there's a virtual river of pools all the way to his house. So he figured, why not catch up with everybody by “swimming” his way home? He had it all mapped out in his mind. A former philanderer who returned to his wife after his affair fizzled, Ned is still searching for an escape, either with or without his lover.

Personality... free-spirited, eccentric, and spiritual. Ned sees rejection as an opportunity to grow. Sure, it’s hard to know you’re not a part of the club, but that’s where your freedom begins. Ned is determined to be his own man, rather than chasing the empty spoils of affluence. His soul is more important to him than his status. For him, spontaneity and whimsy is key to staying young.

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