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About Him

Grew Up… alongside Will Munny, a gunslinger and outlaw. Ned and Will killed people without remorse in their youth. Somewhere along the way, they gave up that life.

Living… in a peaceful home with his wife Sally. He’s a farmer now, just like Will Munny. When Will faces financial troubles and an opportunity presents itself to avenge an abused prostitute, Will and Ned decide to hunt down (and kill) a couple of violent cowboys in exchange for a large bounty. Ned recognizes that this is Will’s last option and tells him, “You wouldn’t be doing this if Claudia was still alive.”

Profession… gunslinger turned farmer. Ned is not struggling financially but is prepared to make a little extra money if it means that he gets to relive some of his old days with Will. 

Interests… sharpshooting. Ned admits, “I can still knock the eye out of a bird flying.”

Relationship Status… in a loving marriage. Sally, his wife, understands that Ned wants to relive some of his youth and is willing to support his dream, such as it is.  

Challenge… making sure they make it out of this contract killing alive. The cowboys they are going after are a lot younger and faster than them. Worse still, the town’s ruthless sheriff, Little Bill, is in their way.

Personality… kind-hearted, practical, and loyal. Ned is Will’s voice of reason and constantly keeps him in line. He is a very likeable guy, and appears much tamer in comparison to Ned. He's a good man to have next to you in a fight – especially a gunfight – even at his age.

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