Ned Land
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Ned Land

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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About Him

Grew up… in 19th century America. Judging by his formidable strength and nimbleness on a ship, Ned is a natural on the high seas.

Living… simply. Ned may have the last name “Land,” but it's the sea where he’s the most comfortable. Hardened by his tough line of work, he's acquired a quiet wisdom on life. Fond of a good drink and a hearty song, Ned is all about the simple things.

Visiting... the Nautilus, a submarine ruled by the mysterious Captain Nemo. While Ned's companions – Professor Pierre M. Aronnax and his assistant, Conseil – are delighted at the Nautilus, Ned trusts neither the submarine nor the captain who steers it. 

Profession… harpooner. After accounts surface of a sea monster attacking maritime vessels, Ned is sent with the Professor and Conseil to investigate, little knowing that the "creature" is a submarine that will soon become their prison.  

Interests… food, hunting, and getting away from the Nautilus. The level-headed Ned seeks every opportunity to escape from the revenge-obsessed Captain Nemo, who is hell­-bent on destroying as many warships as possible.

Relationship Status… single; utterly devoted to the sea. He's a little like Captain Nemo in this respect – but whereas Nemo is destructive and misanthropic, Ned is simple and ultimately pure-hearted. Unlike his companions, Ned is not taken in by Nemo's charm, and he is quick to remind the Professor and Conseil that Nemo has killed "sailors, same as me. Slaughtered by that monster you're trying to make friends with." 

Challenge… escaping the Nautilus. That's an eventual goal, though – until then, Ned has cannibals, giant squids, and flooding ships to deal with. Constantly dealt bad luck, Ned luckily also has the fortitude of a natural survivor.

Personality… strong, confident, tough, and brave. While not the most learned man, Ned has more common sense than either Conseil or the Professor, but his bluntness often causes him to butt heads with the equally headstrong Nemo. 

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