Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders

    The Simpsons
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… surprisingly, as an out-of-control brat to beatnik parents in Tokyo. Then at a young age, Ned underwent a psychiatric treatment known as the “Spankalogical Protocol,” which meant little Ned got spanked without end, for eight long months. When he emerged from the spanking, he no longer expressed negative emotions – which doesn’t necessarily mean he eradicated the anger from within.

Living… with his wife Maude and two children Rod and Todd in beautiful Springfield, U.S.A. He’s the most optimistic, forgiving, and religious man in his neighborhood, which causes many Springfield natives to harbor resentment toward his do-goodliness, especially next-door-neighbor Homer Simpson and even his very own pastor, Reverend Lovejoy.

Profession… pharmaceutical salesman. Though he harbors the desire to quit and start his own store, “The Leftorium,” which would sell products catering to left-handed people.

Interests… church, prayer, righteousness, gardening, and volunteering. He loves The Beatles; he actually has an entire room in his house filled with Beatles paraphernalia. He also enjoys lending a helping hand to his favorite “neighborino” Homer. Even when Homer shoos him away and mumbles, “Lousy Flanders,” Ned just turns his cheek and keeps coming back for more.

Relationship Status… married. His wife Maude Flanders is as religious as he is.

Challenge… suppressing his latent anger. Just like some of the suspiciously nice people one might encounter in life, Ned Flanders bottles up his anger. And if he doesn’t find some way to vent, he just might explode one of these days. Prayer might not be able to save him – or Springfield – from 30 years of suppressed rage. You’ve been warned.

Personality… helpful, devout, and cheery. Flanders walks around in a naïve bliss all the livelong day. When a neighbor passes, he shouts, “Hey-diddly-ho!” When he’s pushed around by Homer Simpson or anyone else in Springfield, he’ll simply reply with “Okilly dokilly,” and go on his merry way. It takes a lot more than a slap to the cheek to get Ned Flanders angry. And even when he’s forced into a position to utter profanity, he’ll usually censor himself with a little “diddly-do.” Even if the whole town thinks he’s a little odd, though, he definitely means well.


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