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Grew up… to become a man on the day of his bar mitzvah. But, as his friend Bill points out, that’s only in his temple, not in the “real world.” Neal is the most mature and outgoing of all the “geeks” at McKinley High, despite his short stature.

Living… in Chippewa, Mich. Neal is one of the only Jewish kids at the local high school, which hasn’t been much of a “cakewalk,” as he puts it: “I was elected school treasurer last year. I didn’t even run!”

Interests… watching comedy and science fiction movies with his best friends, Bill and Sam. Even though Neal sees himself as more sophisticated than the average high school freshman, his interests still mark him as a geek.

Relationship Status… secretly in love with Sam’s older sister, Lindsay Weir. He spends a lot of his energy trying to impress her with his jokes.

Challenge… facing the day-to-day struggle of high school. 

Personality… a bit more mature, wise, and realistic than his geeky friends. Neal’s outlook on life is colored by his ever-present sense of humor. He likes to give his friends realistic and grounded advice, especially on dating. For instance, he tries to wake Sam up from his infatuation with the out-of-his-league Cindy Sanders before he does something stupid: “O.K., the dance is tomorrow. She’s a cheerleader. You’ve seen Star Wars 27 times. You do the math.”

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